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Acetylcholine increases alertness and blood flow to the front of your brain. Laney, we prefer the parasympathetic side, which slows us down and calms us.

Of course, extroverts and introverts use both sides of their nervous system at different times. Ever wonder why, as an introvert, you are prone to overthinking?

Laney in Finally, be aware that we still don’t fully understand how personality forms or how the brain works; the explanations in this article are simply the best hypotheses we can make with the information we currently have.

And some psychologists think introversion and extroversion have more to do with rewards than neurotransmitters — you can read more here.

Generally, why do extroverts like action, but introverts like calm?

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It means that as an introvert, you were probably get more introverted as we get older.While we are the majority, the sad fact is, we are all judged as a result of movies like this.