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27-Dec-2020 19:04

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Jason Meyer, who has opened a dog lounge for small dogs where they can play while owners have tea and coffee, poses with some of the canines in Richmond on Sunday.

He’s planning a singles night for early March for small dogs and their owners.

Pick from our list of available walkers and coordinate a meetup location.

GPS tracks their route in real time, so you’ll always know where your four-legged friend roams.

Meyer is planning to get a liquor licence and has a permit for some special events, like his first singles night March 3.“The idea behind the lounge is that it’s an entertainment venue for dog owners,” he said.

The dog club at the Richmond Public Market will have music, TV and Wi-Fi, while there will also be a retail showroom where dog owners can shop and order clothing, accessories and dog food for delivery to their home or the lounge.

Meyer is hoping there will be enough interest to expand to Vancouver and beyond.“I want to put out a call to action to local dog owners,” he said.

Meyer had the idea for his dog lounge more than 10 years ago when he got his chihuahua, Rocco, but timing wasn’t right to open a business.“I wanted a place to bring him to play indoors,” he explained.Public dog parks are often not ideal for small dogs that may be intimidated by larger canines or sensitive to the elements — but off-leash playtime and socialization are still important.In the dog lounge’s 1,000-square-foot space, pooches 30 pounds and under can get exercise and meet other dogs while their owners sip coffee and tea. Chasing Tail blends a traditional dog-walking service with a dating app.

You’ll get a push notification when one of your favorite dogs needs a walk.One waits quietly, nervously scanning the venue, the other, wine in hand, seems more relaxed. I’ve been single for nearly two years, but — unlike many of my friends — I don’t like going on loads of dates.