Who is tim kang dating

11-Nov-2019 19:37

During an interview, he was asked if he found it difficult playing a gay character.Takaya gracefully gave his answer and being a versatile actor he said that who they are attracted to is only one part of who they are.However, they have not thought of taking their relationship into the next level but Sam's fan are eagerly waiting for them to start their own family.Sam, being a loving boyfriend, never hesitates to flaunt and show the world the love of his life.He really feels lucky to inspire society about same-sex marriage.Tim Kang, best known as Kimball Cho in the Tv series 'The Mentalist', is an American actor.

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Takaya Honda is quite active in social media and keeps flaunting their photos.

In 2006, Takaya studied digital media at the College of Fine Arts (UNSW). In 2011, he graduated from the University of Technology Sydney with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication as per wiki.

Takaya, who stands at the height of 5 feet 8 inches tall, was invited to perform with the Sport For Jove Theatre Company by its founding member Damien Ryan.

His notable film appearances include Rambo and A Wrinkle in Time. Following years, he then appeared in the films Two Weeks Notice, Justice, and Robot Stories.

As of now, he appears as a regular actor of hit series Magnum P. However, he came to recognition after appearing in the CBS series, The Mentalist where he portrayed a role of Kimball Cho along with, Simon Baker, Robin Tunney, Pedro Pascal, Xander Berkeley, etc.They both keep flaunting photos of them in social media.