Who is korean singer rain dating

26-Oct-2020 19:14

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In fact, if the situation was reversed, it would have the same effect.Then he talked about how he earned the main role in the film “Ninja assassin”, “I just did my best at everything I was given. There isnt rule that stated korean men or asian men in general have to only have eyes for asian women korean girls are cute, but who said american girls arent? Rain, one of the biggest stars in korea, u can say he’s the pride of korea.. no where in my post did i say “all” americans girls are caucasians, ur the one making assumption of me just saying things in general, and no where in Rain’s statement saying that he PREFERS a white girl over a korean, all he wanted was a collaboration, plz do read carefully before jumping to conclusions ppl, btw, what century are we living in now?Kim rose to stardom in 2003 via her portrayal of the evil stepsister in the popular SBS TV series Stairway to Heaven.Love Story in Harvard was also reportedly well-received by Japanese viewers and contributed to Kim's popularity in the country.I just thought you’d like to know, but since it fuels your fire, i can see you may be dealing with something similar.oh wow, picking on the tinniest thing, its not only me who’s been fueled up naturally caucasians associate with americans, and that was the first thing came to my mind when i heard the word caucasians, sorry if we’re not on the same boat on that, but of course whatever moves ur furniture and i dont get “the first part of my post was just an example of what the poster above u is probably going through”..Even though certain scenes were difficult to act, I kept saying “One more time” and kept smiling and trained various martial arts”. Well, looks like Rain love Caucasians and that’s a total turn-off for me. they can look strikingly beautiful too if applied a good certain amount of make-up, but i saw some who dont do make up and still pass as a beauty. its because of such conservative thoughts “asians should stick to asians” that give asian artists pressure, and probably one of the reason why they couldnt make a breakthrough to US music industry like some had tried to many times in the past..

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If you’re a sexy woman…well…apparently Rain will love you.

In 2005, she graduated from SNU with a bachelor's degree in fashion design.