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30-Jan-2020 07:32

Their daughters have played together, and the time stamp on the pictures shows that they were hanging out weekly.There is even proof that they spent two days together back to back!She wrote under his picture that she loved him, and even wrote a jealous rant when he posted a pic with another girl. Deelishis claims he’s just a fan she went to Prom with as a nice gesture.However, how is your fan getting to spend time with you on a weekly basis? I suppose after her divorce with her hubby Orlando in 2012 she decided to pick her men from the playground. As I told you guys, black women do the most when it comes to ruining lil boys lives.lol Seriously though, thats exactly what I would be doing but thats not the point! See, the other day she posted a picture of her attending a High School Prom with a young man.The point is, why would anyone of her age want someone of his age? We thought it was innocent, but the #ROOMMATES don’t play chileee! Some should be pornstars for how well they get down on camera. They feel entitled to watch Deelishis do all the rituals of a internet.

Then more than a few Instagram accounts snapped pictures of the twosome looking cozy.

He was there with her in the hospital when she was sick.

Yahoo also said it was working with law enforcement in their investigation and encouraged people to change up the security on other online accounts and monitor those accounts for suspicious activity as well.“The stolen Yahoo data is critical because it not only leads to a single system but to users’ connections to their banks, social media profiles, other financial services and users’ friends and family,” said Alex Holden, the founder of Hold Security, which has been tracking the flow of stolen Yahoo credentials on the underground web.… continue reading »

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