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Those with precise memories of the JFK assassination are apt to forget the details of his brother’s.

As Lynnette enjoyed the amusement park rides, Americans older than she were consumed by anxiety, doubt and confusion. Billy Graham, “but today, I wept for my country." “What madness is afoot? A Marine corporal in Vietnam, Robert Wolfe of Dodge City, Kan., told a reporter, “The guys over here are fighting, and people back there are killing each other.A lawyer in Fullerton, Pa., said it was like awakening not from a nightmare but into one.For almost 26 hours, much of the nation, including the presidential campaign, was in limbo.California’s primary, on June 4, became crucial for Kennedy after he lost in Oregon the week before.

After beating Mc Carthy, Kennedy told supporters at the Ambassador Hotel, “Now, it’s on to Chicago! He stopped to speak to a busboy when a Palestinian immigrant named Sirhan Sirhan, who hated Kennedy because he supported Israel, fired eight shots from a revolver.His press secretary, Frank Mankiewicz, had been mildly encouraging, saying his “life signs remain good — respiration, pulse, blood pressure." After Kennedy underwent a four-hour operation, Mankiewicz said the patient’s “condition is described as extremely critical," but his “vital signs remain about as they were, except that he is now breathing on his own, which he was not prior to the surgery. The next 12 to 36 hours will be very critical." That was vague enough to encourage some optimism.