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16-Jun-2020 22:31

"Sit down." When I sat down, my sister made sure the plates were prepared. Before I closed the door (which always made a loud shutting noise), I heard a moan. I should have called out to give her a warning, but I didn't. No offense." "None taken," she said, putting the food on the plates. I had no idea she listened to music so loudly when I was at work. My sister was either watching porn on her computer, having sex, or she was masturbating. It seemed like we were going to see each other no matter what. It was the worst possible way to spend my afternoon off. So all of this is for you." "Oh, well, thanks." She put the food onto a plate when she was done. Ellary sat straight with a formal demeanor, as if she was prepared to do a presentation or something. *** I stayed in my room a few hours until things cooled down. Of course." Both of us sat down at the dining table. I'll stop when I can find a decent job that pays well." "How much do you make, you know, doing this? I love being an online exhibitionist." "Too much information." "Sorry," she smiled. Looking inside my room when I was on the brink of an orgasm?

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I was starting to get worried until I got an email from Ellary. Then I saw your note on facebook and it helped me make my decision." "So this is all my fault? I can't afford this apartment with my salary anymore." "Still don't believe me, huh? "Rent is serious business." Ellary paused for a moment on the phone. I'll transfer ,000 to your account as a good faith gesture. I'll be moving back to San Francisco and we'll be best buddies." "Sounds good." "Then it's settled," she replied.

I never thought you would ever do something like that." "It's not like I'm sleeping with anyone for money.

Plus I get to work my own hours." "How long have you been doing this? " "Of course not." "And you're not going to tell mom and dad right?

My former roommate got me into it." "Did you two ever..." She smiled, "No, you perv. I found out that she had been doing it, and she suggested that I give it a try. I would never do that." "I never suggested any of that." "Good. " "No." "And you're not going to throw me out of here, right?

" Ellary raised an eyebrow, "Depends on how much I work. I'll leave it at that." "Not bad I guess." "I think it's fun. There are tons of jerks online, but there are also some really cool people to chat with. " My sister always had a way of being sarcastic while making someone feel embarrassed.

Based on her email, she sounded serious about moving in with me. The rental market for living in SF had become insane.

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