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06-Mar-2020 12:26

#d3fb pic.twitter.com/d2uaxkk41L @Coach_Bullis isn't ready to say who @Warhawk Football QB will be, or if he might play two of them that he has confidence in. On Saturday, the @sodpoodles will dedicate their whole night to the Bachar family, retro jerseys and all. Former Warhawk All-American Brady Grayvold (2012-14), the head football coach at Fort Atkinson High School, was featured last week in the Daily Jefferson County Union: bit.ly/2Me K0d X
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It is a demonstration of areal and ground warfare and is the spiritual predecessor to Warhawk (1995) for the Play Station.

He excels at controlling large areas using his Vacuum Grenade and Mightiest Barrage and can easily get himself out of trouble if enemies don’t CC him down.