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06-Aug-2020 21:53

In this situation, a settlement on the status of Jammu & Kashmir, a possible trade agreement, serious negotiations on a gas pipeline that passes through both countries, a more liberal visa regime, and so on are fantasy endeavours.There is no guarantee that if the Pakistani Government were to sign any potential treaty or document today it would be able to enforce it even within the territory of the Pakistani capital, let alone outlying provinces. Until it sorts itself out, it is almost laughable to enter into meaningful discussion on any subject that has long-term implications.Pakistan is setting itself up for a 10-year civil war, hopefully longer.This will inevitably give New Delhi a breather, as it will divide radical regiments the Pakistani Army and the Inter-Services Intelligence would otherwise have mobilised in the direction of India. However, India can draw quiet advantage from it, focus on internal security and anti-terrorism surveillance while, of course, building its economy.Stars: Avan Jogia, Maddie Hasson, Ashton Moio, Kimberly Quinn Kevin Hart and other celebrities play a comic fictionalized version of themselves in this parody of similarly named reality shows.

Hence, her scheduled visit to New Delhi next month is being seen as a significant event which will further strengthen India-Bangladesh relations.Crude as it may sound, the current mess in Pakistan suits India just fine.