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Excel in X has a "Draw Borders" tool & toolbar so can draw cell borders with pencil tool. The Draw Borders toolbar is available starting in Excel 2002.If you click the arrow to the right of the Borders button, it's shown at the bottom of the border palette. --...reinstall-validation problem Hardware hit from lightning so new hd and video card and start over.If the last digit is 3 and the amount is positive it should be changed into a C, it it's negative it should be changed into a L. I tried to use this formula but I'm hitting the 7 nested functions ceiling because I ... Macro to reference to a cell in indiv sheets Hi, I have a column A that lists the name of all the sheets in my workbook.Data Validation Hi all I want to set data validation on a cell so that it will accept the following (and only the following) text strings: (1) "BR" (literally) or (2) "NT" (literally) or (3) "n A" where n is any positive integral numerical value including zero and A may take any of the values "L", "P", "T", "V" or "Y" or (4) "An" where n is any positive integral numerical value including zero and A may take either of the values "K" or "D". I'd like to have column B equals to cell C10 of the corresponding sheets in column A. Delete rows based on a cell value in the row I'd like to delete rows from a spreadsheet based on the value of a cell in a row. I want to delete rows based on a value (in this case all parts which are purchased- vs mfd) without destroying the spreadsheet structure.Rightclick the sheet tab, choose "View code", paste this in: Private Sub Worksheet_Change(By Val Target As Range) With Target(1) If . I need to add a zero to the beginning of the eight character cells. First of all, when i try to add my DTD file in Xml Schema Collection object, it throws an error saying Doc Type element is expected. VD You should not add DTDs to Xml Schema Collection. In Excel when you click a cell in spreadsheet and move the mouse In Microsoft Excel 2003 (Windows XP after installation of 2nd pack), when you click a cell in spreadsheet and move the mouse, multiple cells are selected.If the conversion rate is 20% Canadain to Us then US * 1.20. -- Don Guillett Sales Aid Software [email protected]"JLong" combobox alone. Find Merge Cells Is there a quick way through an excel workbook that you can find all Merged Cells??

In case I write something wrong it gives error message.I already have a macro to list all the sheets in my workbook so I'd like this macro to update column B at the same time I run the macro. Val One way: Assuming your worksheet list starts in A2: You could do this without macros by entering: B2: =IF(A2"", INDIRECT("'" & A2 & "'! In this case I have several bills of material where I want to list all the assemblies, but not the purchased parts.It seems it should be possible, but I'm not having any luck with the filter method. or use a macro to delete, from the bottom up, if the cell contains your text -- Don Gu...Cells in chart sheet I want to link in a range of cells into a chart sheet. Not sure I understand but: With active chart, type = in Formula Bar then click on a cell in worksheet You chart now has a text box displaying the same as the worksheet cell Any help? Paste data to cell and keep destination font and size Hello I need to paste data to a cell and keep the destination font and size, I know I can do the paste special and tell it to use destination settings, but is there a way to do this without having to tell it to use the destination settings every time. The cells in question did not have any filters on them but the sheet did have a few cells that had filtering on them that is why I got the delete entire sheet row? I took the filter off of the few cells on the sheet and tried again and it worked.

best wishes -- Bernard Liengme ca/people/bliengme remove CAPS in email address "LH" I want to link in a range of cells into a chart sheet. If you are using Excel 2003 or 2007, after a paste operation you should see a paste option icon near the receiving cell. Address Then resp = Msg Box(prompt:="found: " _ ...

If I recall correctly - it was something to do with some kind of list. I tried to paste new column from another file where the column is working as I want...

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