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As noted above, Twitter users are overwhelmingly young.However, unlike the majority of other applications with a similarly large percentage of youth, Twitter use is not dominated by the youngest of young adults. In comparison, the median age of a My Space user is 27, Facebook user is 26 and Linked In user is 40.Twitter’s open development platform allows outside developers to build add-on applications to expand the service’s functionality.Twitter users can select from a variety of third-party Twitter interfaces, browser plug-ins, photo- and video-sharing applications that enhance mobile and computer-based use of the basic application.To sign up for Medline Plus email updates, enter your email address into the box below.You will then be able to select from our list of subscription topics.Overall, 13% of internet users have created a blog.

Then click “submit.” We generate a Tiny URL that you can send via email, use as a link in blog posts, or simply include in a tweet. Clicking on the link will automatically place your words into your friend’s Twitter status update window.Users have themselves expanded the information carried in a twitter message through the development of in-tweet shorthand and symbols that allow for the sharing, replicating and searching of tweets.As with many technologies, enthusiastic users have used Twitter for more than just answering the question, “What are you doing?” Twitter has been used to help organize and disseminate information during major events like the 2008 California wildfires, the recent American elections, the Mumbai massacre and even the January 2009 crash of US Airways flight 1549 into the Hudson River.

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Janis Krum, a passenger on a ferry that rushed to the scene, took a photo of the plane with a cell phone and sent it out via his Twitter feed.

Some 17% of internet users in households earning less than ,000 tweet and update their status, compared with 10% of those earning more than ,000 annually.