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12-Mar-2020 17:38

In the check box's after update event use Hi Hi Tech Coah, I tried both options and the below errors was the result of each.

Please note - I have left out a very important piece of information - the frm is based on a query.

we are using this field to sort the duplicate issue...this field having same values then we mark it as duplicate so for accuracy purpose we need 6 digit milliseconds and we need to implement it as early as possible so pls help me out if u have way!!!

Actually we have two PKs and this DATE (default getdate()) field along with other what we doing, we are inserting the records into our master table from this only unique records we are inserting.suppose sometime it may have situation like same PK but we have different date in that case we are inserting records having MAX(DATE_T) but last few months we are facing problem that same PKs and this DATE field also for accuracy purpose we need to take it 6 digit.

Please guide me if i m in wrong way say if i change its data type from DATETIME to varchar(45) then in that if i want to compare this DATE field by MAX(DATE_T) then how varchar behave for example i have records for this field are....

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Many Thanks Mark There are several methods you can use.

For example 1) if the field to be updates is part of the form's record source then place a text box on the form that is bound to the control.

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Basically I set the value of the hidden field whenever a value on the form is changed i.e. The field is on a webform that has a master page and is in the content section: So far so good.

When the page loads the hidden field value is 'false', and if I don't change any values on the webform it remains false.