Updating album artwork itunes

30-Sep-2020 23:32

I will confirm tomorrow tomorrow when I'm certain it has worked.thanks Mm Unfortunately I checked again this evening and it has NOT worked. I just tried in a basic MP3 file too and it hasn't worked On that file either.

I have however managed to change an album that was listed as a compilation' to be an ordinary item.

If i Tunes cannot update the file then the edit won't take.

I suspect that i Tunes may use different security credentials for some file operations which might be why the edit to the compilation flag has taken but the artwork hasn't.

Certain third-party utilities can also help organize and find artwork for your i Tunes content.

But if you simply need to find the right images for a few albums, searching for and grabbing them from the Web is one quick and handy option.

(2)If the artwork isn't there for all the tracks, you can select all the tracks, then go to File Get Info and drop the artwork into the Artwork Box.

You might need to check permissions carefully from the server end to make sure that your user account really does have full control over the folder in question and that nothing is marked as read-only.tt2 I've got the same problem (Itunes / W10 edu anniversary update / i Match).so that means it must be either i Tunes or windows?