Updating 360

24-Feb-2020 10:37

The import tool (in step 11 below) ignores this information.The upload tool does require having a row (row 15 in the example above) with the below required column headers, in this order, spelled this way: Make any necessary adjustments to the information about the titles.If it is also plugged into the A/C adaptor it will not update and you get the error messages!Once I plugged in just the USB with the unit off, I was able to use the green home buttons to update immediately, and both the Defender data base and Version 1.2 updated just fine.

Some of those restrictions are in the list above; the rest are explained here: All All fields must be in English, except for those titles already in a language other than English, and any Notes fields.But, when the game is launched, no update prompt appears. You should be able to update using any Live enabled profile logged in when you launch the game.