Update grub not updating menu lst

23-May-2020 09:46

update grub not updating menu lst-27

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/etc/sysconfig/kernel contains thecorrect UPDATEDEFAULT=yes No errors in logs or during the update.

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Todays new version allows you to display the date and time on the menu and it will update every second.

it uses the setmenu --string command with the special string of "date&time". Tip: In grub4dos, if you go to the console and type help setmenu it will give you help on the setmenu command (surprisingly!

Just updated another machine to 5.3, everything fine, but wasn'tupdated to the 128 kernel.

It got a new modified date and the kernel isthere, but the content wasn't changed.

update grub not updating menu lst-60

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In our case we want to remove the 2.6.32-21-generic boot menu entries.

You can check that the version of grub4dos supports it using this line. Real-time_clock https://en.wikipedia...iki/System_time It is not part of the BIOS or Firmware it is a dedicated chip (battery powered) that interfaces with them (usually via BIOS interrupt 1Ah): Wonko Nothing to do with Easy2Boot, it is a new function of grub4dos. ) The new version (not yet available) will allow you to specify the format too so you can have US date format or use English months (e.g. see the issue log here if you want to keep track of it and other issues.