Transfer of learning after updating training mediated by the striatum

19-Dec-2019 09:00

Their performance on the trained task and one of the untrained tasks improved.

transfer of learning after updating training mediated by the striatum-51

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To examine the neural systems involved, the scientists studied their subjects' brains using functional magnetic resonance imaging before and after training.

During scanning, they performed a verbal updating task from the training program, a non-trained numerical task, which also required updating, and a non-trained task that did not require this skill.

All tasks activated areas in the frontal cortex before training.

The results are discussed in relation to the hypothesis that WM training affects domain-general attention control mechanisms and can thereby elicit far-reaching cognitive benefits.

Implications include the use of WM training as a general tool for enhancing important cognitive skills.

These findings indicate that transfer can occur if the criterion and transfer tasks engage specific overlapping processing components and brain regions.

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