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16-Oct-2019 20:06

The author says women can get confused on whether they should “play games” or not.And he spells it clear for the reader: while withdrawing as a tactic can work, her actions are not based on self-respect.And don’t worry of sounding weak, a masculine man is attracted to a feminine spirit.Bryan says that most men do value emotional intimacy.Laugh at yourself, admit your mistakes, ask forgiveness when you make a mistake.These are all extremely endearing and will build a strong emotional connection.Bruce Bryan is a pen name, so I don’t know much about the author except that he has written a few book on dating.However, I can say that Bruce Bryan understands how quality men think.

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And if he doesn’t pursue, he’s just not that into you. You should have an exciting and attractive life and be happy and content with your own life. And since you are content with your life, you don’t give up your hobbies, family and dreams the moment you meet a guy (similar suggestion to ). If you want a man to take you seriously and if you want to screen out players, you should let him call you.

First you have a conversation, and if nothing changes, then you withdraw. If a guy is keeping his options open, you do the same.

And never fall for the old one of “commitment problems”. Bryan says that before sex you have all the power, but after sex you have very little.

And that’s a very unattractive trait for high quality men.

Bryan says high quality men want women with high emotional intelligence.

Conversely, walk away from every bad situation and you will make further investment in your self respect.