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24-Dec-2019 12:15

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So at that point, I said to myself, “I like white boys.” I thought about it for a long time.

Was I missing anything when I heard other black girls swooning over some guy and saying, “Ooh, damn I love me a chocolate brother! ” Was there something about black men that was alluring that I was missing?

He asked that question that you know is going to preface another question that you probably don’t want to answer: “Can I ask you a question? ” I suppose it’s simple to always think there is a reason or that you’re turning against something. But some of them were friendly with black men but never got serious or even considered dating them. She hemmed and hawed and said that she didn’t want to do anything that would upset her father. Her father would have been just as pissed if he knew some of the things she was doing with white men and I said that to her. When I do get married, I will keep my husband away from you and my little zebra children too.

And did that mean her father thought he was better than me? I don’t want any of them infected with your hatred.” She went to my father in a huff and told him what I had said.

I used to update it at the end of the day but i now update it throughout the day, as it is far easier to track it rather than remembering it at the end of the day.

I don’t just list tasks and prep for upcoming tasks but also whether i spent time with my family/friends, freed up time for meditation, etc.

We might have felt like we were different with other black folks, but we were totally comfortable with each other. We started talking because we hadn’t seen each other in years. I mean I know we kind of gave you a hard time in high school, but was it enough to turn you against us all forever? I noticed that some of my white girlfriends were actively dating black guys and seemed happy. You are loving and sweet and you need a man who will love and cherish you.” I could have made some comment about how her first husband beat her till she left him and my father cheated on her constantly. Don’t bring me some zebra kids either.” I didn’t want to fight anymore so I said, “Fine.My brothers had had only boys so far and it was my job to give her that precious little girl she wanted so badly. She is a graduate of the University of Miami and is a former college English instructor.