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29-Aug-2020 02:51

I’m in Calhoun.'” Derek Goeriz ’03 would question it.“They have a different vibe than Yale women do — more fun, laid-back.It’s refreshing.” Derek, like the majority of the people interviewed for this piece, cites another major difference between Yalies and townies.They’re much hotter than we are Whether it’s the lack of homework that affords them more time to spend in the gym or the substitution of beauty sleep for all-nighters, the bottom line is this: Townies are hotter than Yalies.“The townies have the back bar,” said one Toad’s-frequenting Yale student.“There’s a clear division between the townies and the Yale kids.” “I have nothing against townies,” one Yale woman said.

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“Physically, guys at Yale aren’t as experienced,” one self-proclaimed “townie aficionado” added. Bridging the gap While some Yalies erroneously feel that townies are inferior to Yalies intellectually, those who date them say that they are “street-smart” and have “a different take on things.” “They have real jobs and are living in the ‘real world’ that most of us are too scared to venture out into,” one Yale man said.

To some, dating a New Haven resident is an unspeakable taboo. The Oxford English Dictionary defines the word as “a townsman as distinct from a university.” The word “distinct” can be misleading, however, as many associate the typical towney with “distinctive” piercings, “distinct” dance-floor space at Toad’s Place, and “distinctive” dullness.

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