Statistics of black men dating white women

21-Aug-2020 07:30

Is this true for black SWANS, given all the perceptions to the contrary?

We have been hearing for several years that about 70% of black women are unmarried (including never-married, divorced and widowed).

He hadn't finished college but was smart, funny and interesting and she was happy to go out with him. That woman was me."We have a saying called the 'black girl curse.' A lot of our white friends are married by 25, happily married with kids by 27, and we're like, 'What's the deal with the BGs?

There are 157 black women for every 100 black men while there are approximately 450 white men for every 100 white women in this income bracket!

Super-successful single young sistahs looking for similar black men face fierce competition compared to white women - a serous challenge for black women who aren't willing to re-assess their "eligibility" criteria.

This is food for thought that merits further qualitative and quantitative research.

Gender Gaps in Income by Race: 25-29 Year-Olds Since there are fewer black men than women in the non-institutionalized population we need to compare total numbers of men and women instead of percentages when comparing incomes to get a clearer picture of the never-married mate pool.It is a very common sense which multicultural dating is far different than relationships between two persons from similar race.