Starview box just keeps updating

14-Dec-2019 02:30

Reboot, box, router and modem waiting a few moment before switching back on.

Or Go back to factory settings and rescan without splitter (no internet connection is needed to rescan.

When I read the Starview menu, I thought this updating milarky was going to be simple..

Find out how to get a replacement Can I use a Sky dish to get Freeview?

Now for those who can't seem to be opening KEYMASTER.

starview box just keeps updating-53

fecundating plusboard de

THERE WILL BE ABSOLUTELY NO CABLE FUNCTIONALITY AFTER PUTTING ON THE ALTERNATIVE firmware. Click the file you want to try from the included folders.(example make me a spider sat.bin) Turn on starview again, the flash loader should now take over the box.

Thanksyes all starview,euroview and ddigital use the same serverstarview server was down a while yesterday and now up and running,its always best to keep up with current firmware followed by factory reset and rescan with lan removed,only inserted after you find you factory reset when you did the update?

,if you did good next step did you them power off box at rear and router and modem for 30 secs then on it should not revert to 1.03 firmware and factory reset after you reflashed.

Hi guys can anyone please help iam trying to install new starview filmware I was bored one day can anybody give me instructions on how to install via USB stick I've saved file on USB now what do? READ BEFORE CONTINUING Alternative Firmware Starview Combo HD LAN My Modified mashup firmware......

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working on Starview Combo HD LAN Only Copy these files to your PC.. Copy files to your desktop Connect serial cable to pc and starview box.

A menu will be shown on screen with the option to 'Extract to Folder'4.