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05-Dec-2020 16:09

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My only caveat is that intimacy takes time to build.

It's easy to rebound after a divorce and end up acting like you're married to someone you're barely dating.Even if you've enjoyed a very amicable divorce process up to this point, your ex may suddenly decide they don't want to share custody or give you the house when they find out there's someone new in your life.It's better to keep things friends-only until everything is finalized. While you don't have to disclose your entire life story to everyone who buys you a drink, it is important to be truthful about your marital status.Some believe you shouldn't tell your children when you start dating and wait until you're very serious — think considering remarriage — to introduce someone to your children.

Others think you should be totally open about dating.

Either way, it's a good idea to take yourself out for coffee and a heart-to-paper.