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21-Nov-2020 04:03

What happened to be visually interesting to me was very often something that I had never noticed before in all my years of bicycling quickly through town on my way to work or school or perhaps to grab a bite to eat.The things that I noticed, therefore, were not necessarily the same things that someone new to Davis might see or think of as representative.

), I also left open the possibility of capturing shots of whatever was visually-interesting to me.Of course every social science researcher, using visual methods or not, needs to contend with the sticky proposition of claiming to represent social reality.Our interpretations of what is happening in the world around us, no matter how carefully and systematically we collect and analyze our data (either on our own or in collaboration with “subjects”), can never wholly represent the “truth” of any particular situation or bypass our own subjective experience.“I think it’s very important, if you’re going to be scientific about behavior, to give other people access to the material as comparable as possible to the access you had.

You don’t then, alter the material.” Bateson’s method of “leaping around,” she contends, alters the material in such a way that it doesn’t get at “what is happening” in a particular social setting; instead, it gets at what is happening.I limited myself to 2.5 hours, over which I took over 200 photos with a Nikon D90 (digital SLR).