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He wisely took a guest-starring role on Fox's during the show's freshman season.Landing the gig of Brad Radwell — Chad Radwell's older brother — was certainly a step in the right direction, exposing him to new fans in key demographics, particularly the teens and young adults that fuel today's celebrity culture.One of Murray's career issues was that his breakout role as a teen happened when he was already rapidly approaching that invisible "too old" red line.Murray was already in his twenties when he was cast on , he was effectively thrust into career limbo, unable to snag another teen character gig for which he was known. Initially, the actress tried to file for an annulment, citing fraud as the primary reason, but that petition was denied.Some people don't and they have short-lived careers.

There are big talent changes ahead at “Good Morning America” after the upcoming full-time arrival of Michael Strahan, TV insiders tell Page Six.

We’re told Strahan’s hiring will tip the balance on the show, and others will have to make way for him.

Sources say Lara Spencer could soon be out, while George Stephanopoulos will focus more on politics as Strahan slides into a lead anchor role.

At some point within every teen actor's career, they become too old to be considered for their tried-and-true bread-and-butter roles.

Although Hollywood is notorious for casting slightly older actors in teen-central roles (to avoid child labor laws), an actor can only believably play a teenager for so long.

Although the show has survived three seasons, it's still struggling to maintain its foothold within a market that is saturated by strong original series on You Tube, Hulu, Amazon, and Netflix.