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24-Aug-2020 15:22

Questions never answered,problems never solved, pictures never reviewed. And all the profiles having young and handsome guys in the photos are inactive. Feeling alone at the start of a new year after being very badly let down by my previous partner of 18 years (and the father of my children) I tapped out a profile for Smooch and then logged out, thinking that it was n't really the way to move on with my life.Its AI just like all the rest, not enough women so they fabricate them and tell you their going to do just that very thing, read the fine print… The next day I had a message along with a photo from a man who looked very kind and who lived locally. Read Full Review I joined Smooch in August of 2012 I was working in a bar and heard some of the young staff talking about smooch and asked what it was they told me it was a dating site.As far as I am concerned people who are serious about dating shouldn't mind paying it shows their intent is genuine.Dating with the intention of getting to know someone costs money anyway, what do you think happens when you meet up in person and go out?We were friends immediately, and quickly fell in love. Read Full Review If you value integrity, do not waste your time on this pretend site, you get 5 free messages a day OR ELSE YOU HAVE TO PAY....In July 2015, we got married in Cyprus with a few friends present, and then had a big party when we got home. Its full of married/attached and made up profiles, rude messages received when you complain they ignore you and if you complain again the DELETE YOU!!! The customer service stinks and is full of incompetents who probably spend most of their time fabricating profiles and pictures while picking their noses.Read Full Review I joined smooch around 2007-2008 looking for love under the name of Debbie1612 looking for someone in the Coventry area. and didn't ask me about my self all he was intrested in was my chest,getting me into bed which he didn't and wanted me to send him a rude pic! I then went into settings to try and delete my profile.

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Trying to find a completely real dating site with real people on it is near impossible on the world wide web - 90% of all…

One was from Manchester 250 miles from me, like I'm gonna travel that far for a date.