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What I believe and what I can prove are, in some instances, two different things. But I think the reader will agree that there are certainly a great many empty cartridges lying about—enough, perhaps, to stimulate further investigation by others.

That said, it must also be said that I am hardly the first to suggest that the Jonestown massacre was the outcome of someone’s secret machinations.

This concern was, I believe, mirrored in various precincts of the U. intelligence community, where it was feared that Ryan’s investigation would embarrass the CIA by linking Jones to some of the Agency’s most volatile programs and operations.

This may be why the cult-leader’s 201-file was purged by the CIA immediately after Jones’s friend, and suspected case-officer, Dan Mitrione, died.

It seems to me that this much can be proven by reference to the medical evidence—particularly the evidence collected by the Guyanese pathologist, Dr. The importance of this conclusion should be obvious.

To suggest that hundreds of members of the Peoples Temple murdered their children and killed themselves is, in this writer’s view, a blood libel on those who died there.

Arriving there at mid-morning, they were horrified to find a field of cadavers: men, women and children lying in an arc around the settlement’s central pavilion.

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The purpose of the trip was at once simple and difficult: to determine whether or not American citizens were being abused or held against their will at the Peoples Temple agricultural settlement in Jonestown.

What follows is an interim report about Jim Jones and the Peoples Temple.

In so far as it has a central thesis, it is that the “mass-suicide” that took place at Jonestown in 1978 was, in reality, a massacre.

Guyanese defense forces arrived at the airstrip shortly after dawn that Sunday morning.

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Securing the runway, the troops turned toward Jonestown, marching down the long, rough road to the commune.

Amid the confusion and horror, the escalating body-count provoked suspicions, though explanations abounded.

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