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25-Apr-2020 14:29

A Chicago native who rose (and is rising) through the ranks of the comedy world, a proud feminist, and a generally kickass chick, Haskins makes us all feel that the future of the media is in safe hands.So, who better to hit up for one of our regular Women We Love interviews than the woman herself?you can certainly attest to the amount of laughs incited by penis humor.Guys have been at it for years — making their junk front-page news and a long-time center of comedy.Sexy, clean, cool, fun, healthy, beautiful, large, UNDERPANTS, let’s Target: Sarah Haskins!* * * Sarah Haskins: “I did have a formative comedy moment, which is unusual. “I started doing improv in college and during the winter of my freshman year I went home to Chicago and saw a show at the Second City.That’s a general comedy thing, though: you need to make your own material.” “Of course I read it.

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I think one does have to write more for oneself to avoid getting stuck in clichéd wife/mother/girlfriend characters.

I grew up with so many strong, working, independent women that I probably was a little naïve about sexism. Also, I have a wonderful Mom who had (and has) very high expectations for her daughters.” didn’t start with the intention of being a feminist piece. But these are my views, and I think the comedy in the piece comes from pointing out the distinction between these idealized TV/film women and real life.

In my experience real life is a mess and that’s why I get irritated with all of these commercials.” I eat a lot of yoghurt, and I’m not ashamed (or maybe I should be) to say that it’s because it makes my insides go out, but I did catch myself in the supermarket a few weeks back and realised I’d been staring at the yoghurt shelves for close to ten minutes.

How about a montage of a montage of feminine hygiene product commercials! I don’t personally understand how lawn mower and water rodent references (not to mention the very earnest implication that our “bushes” are destined to be exquisitely manicured topiaries) are any less offensive than a biologically accurate term, but for now, I’m going to join in on the naming fun. )I would like to challenge your inner potty mouth and please feel free to add onto this embarrassingly small list.

Challenging my inner potty mouth, here are some other suggestions that she hasn’t brought up yet (stop me if you’ve heard them), but Sarlacc the Sand Pit from ? Some ideas: Lawrence of A Labia; Little Jackie; Honey Pot; Hannah Montana; Mini Sirloin Burger (for all of you Jack in the Box fans. I still think “crotch” is pretty funny, however, anyone who knows me knows that I have a penchant for old lady slang.

I’ve written extensively about Haskins’ hilarious work with , an offshoot of liberal media organisation Current TV’s news and culture magazine show, info Mania.