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02-Nov-2019 18:38

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As far as I know, nobody is designing a four-legged sex doll. Because what we’re normally attracted to is other men and women, and so any successful love-making machine is going to be designed in that image.

That being said, we do seem to want either fully realistic features or features that clearly let you know that this is a robot.

But for the most part we prefer the company of people. But what happens when these robots start to mimic people in more realistic ways? When they can carry on an intelligent conversation, bring you breakfast in bed, make you laugh and console you when you cry?

When they can read and display every emotion in deft clarity, and are more reliable and trustworthy than real people? Consider that there are robot nurses working in hospitals in Japan; there’s a friendly robot named Pepper that can read your emotions; and Sophia by Hanson Robotics can show emotions is a fairly realistic way.

Now Matt is working on developing realistic AI to get these dolls moving and interacting with you.

The plan is, you will purchase a head containing this AI for an extra k, and attach it to the body of your Real Doll. As these relationships grow in complexity and cohesion, and of course when things become more affordable, it is going to become easier for us to grow more attached and drawn to these robots.

Sex between species is relatively rare, but it does happen.

Seals have forced themselves on penguins out of sexual frustration; dolphins have taken to cetaceans to assert dominance; zebras and horses have birthed zorses; and dogs occasionally get too friendly with our legs.

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At what point does the company of a doll become an affair?

What happens if the machines turn out to be better partners than real people?

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