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14-Nov-2020 12:53

Once you reach the bottom, it is only a quarter mile to access the Pearl River.“My favorite thing to do is to get to the bottom and look back up,” Colvin-Hibley said.

It’s while hiking the trail that you see the downside of the property’s private ownership.

“Our parents have really helped us,” Breanna says, remembering how her mother persisted in getting her to Mass on Sundays when she was a teenager, even when she might have preferred to sleep in. “But you, yourself, have to want it,” Breanna emphasizes, hinting at a “calling” or whisper from the Holy Spirit.

While away at Chico, experiencing a low point, she felt compelled to go to church.

Views from the top are unlike anything in the state except from the bluffs of Vicksburg and Tishomingo State Park.

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Today, Columbia is home to five businesses in the Mississippi Business Journal’s top 100 businesses in the state, and nearly every storefront in the bustling downtown is filled.

“That was the number one thing that made the difference for me – marrying Bre.” “It makes a huge difference in a relationship when your partner shares your values and beliefs,” Breanna adds.