Predating the time of noah

25-Dec-2019 04:08

Some scholars believe that such a flood inspired the biblical story of Noah; it may also be the source of the flood tale in the Babylonian story of Gilgamesh.

Using sonar equipment, the expedition has mapped large areas of the coastline and found hundreds of potential targets to examine more closely with the underwater robots operated from the research ship Northern Horizon. Ballard said the site near Sinop could be the first of many in the area that could answer questions about the habits and lifestyles of a little-known ancient culture suddenly uprooted and forced to flee by flooding water.'' Now that we know what these sites look like on sonar, now that we recognize their signatures, we're regrouping to continue the search,'' he said, noting that the target area was about 200 square miles of what would have been livable terrain before the flood.

Researchers have already identified a second site seven miles away. Hiebert of the University of Pennsylvania, chief archaeologist on the project, also was enthusiastic about the find, occurring two weeks into the five-week mission.

Pieces of ceramics suggest that it, too, may have been an inhabited area, he said. '' This is a discovery of world importance,'' Dr. '' We have the first site with direct evidence of human occupation on the old coast.'' Now we can say there were people living around the Black Sea when it was a freshwater lake before it was flooded.'' Dr. Pitman 3rd, two geologists at Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory in Palisades, N.

Since Christ is recorded as having referred to Noah’s Flood as a past event it should be obvious that we need data that will take us back beyond 2,000 years.

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Ballard's work.'' According to the scientific method, you formulate a hypothesis, in this case the flood spillage theory for the Black Sea, and then you test it,'' Dr. '' One test is finding remnants of a civilization that was affected and looking for evidence to support the flood theory.

The Exodus occurred therefore roughly 1,981 967 480 years ago (see Appendix 2) or 3,428 years ago or 1447 ± 1 year. As the chronologist compares the family trees or chronologies in the Bible, it is interesting to note that these lists use only whole years (e.g. Anywhere in this period of 12 months they are still 44.