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18-Sep-2020 19:06

But in practice, we often find Outlook difficult to handle and we make mistakes.

After all these years, most of us know we shouldn't write in all uppercase letters and it's a good idea to use spell check.

Among the most common advantages of using shared mailboxes include these abilities: In this article, you will learn how to configure a shared mailbox in Outlook and what to do if the shared mailbox is not synchronizing properly. Type the email address or name of the shared mailbox, then click OK. On the Advanced tab, select the Shared Mailbox and click Remove.

Once your shared mailbox account is ready (created either on Active Directory on-premises or on Azure Active Directory) you can proceed by adding it to your Outlook profile. Once configured, the shared mailbox will be automatically available in the left folder pane in Outlook. Select the permission level—Editor permissions will provide full access—and click OK. Open Outlook again and reconnect the shared mailbox following the process listed for step number 1 (How to add an additional shared mailbox on Outlook). Office 365 keeps your mailboxes (shared or individual) on a server called Microsoft Exchange.

This change of habit won't be possible for everyone. I can almost guarantee that your mornings will be more productive.

By default, Outlook sends email immediately, which is a terrible idea.

So in this article, I'll share a few ways to keep Outlook in line that you might not think of yourself.

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Start your day by working on your own projects, and check your email once you've completed something on your own to-do list.

The Ignore feature lets you opt out of a busy conversation that doesn't apply to you, but be careful.

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