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14-Aug-2020 12:00

Some of these make better use of screen real estate while others introduce new gesture controls (and even mouse support) for a better tablet experience.In short, i Pad users won't just run an upsized i OS any longer.The i Pad OS public beta has officially launched with a host of new features that from Apple that make your i Pad distinct from an i Phone running i OS 13.We have a list of the best i Pad OS features you'll be able to experience in public beta 1 and 2. After all, it "builds on the same foundation as i OS," according to Apple, but expect i Pad OS to grow more into its own operating system over time.i Pad OS brings a variety of critical improvements to the tablet UI.

Markup also gets an update, and you'll be able to mark up entire web pages, documents and emails.

Apple has also brought the Mac's Exposé feature to i Pad OS, allowing you to get an overview of all your open apps – making it easy to jump between them, and close down any you no longer need running in the background. i Pad OS will allow you to plug a USB drive or SD card reader into your i Pad, and the Files app will be able to read the plugin and allow you to easily manage data between the i Pad's internal storage and the external drive.