Online dating spotting a player

16-Oct-2020 16:27

He Writes Form Emails-Have you ever received an email that just seems too perfectly composed with 3-4 paragraphs listing his likes and dislikes, hopes and dreams?The whole thing seems so fake…probably because it is. I received an email like this once and promptly shot off an annoyed “Wow, that was original” response.It all goes back to attention-players crave it, and if he can get it from the comfort of his own home, he’s not going to meet you.Plus, he’s not in it for a real life connection or relationship.

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It’s all a numbers game to him, and he’s in it to win it!

A decent guy will make sure you spend quality time together rather than buying you pretty things early on. But bad boys have a distorted realm of thinking everything must be perfect (including you).

An argument or disagreement will reveal his true colors when he can’t find the conflict resolution skills and instead projects his disappointment with imperfection onto you.

He Never Wants To Meet (In real life)-Getting an online player to step away from his macbook and hang out in the real world is next to impossible.

Why would he want to put himself out there, when he’s safe in his internet playin bubble.No thanks…I’ll wait for a guy who can write an email to, not to the masses.

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If things aren’t working out, she’s far more likely to be upfront than waste her precious time stringing anyone along. … continue reading »

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Go into their chat room and say hello, maybe they will show you something really extra like no rookie has ever before.… continue reading »

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