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25-Aug-2020 05:40

Heather and her husband may not be able to keep up the momentum of a daily devotion, but they could begin by doing one weekly – or even monthly. “When researchers examined the characteristics of fulfilled couples who had been married for more than two decades, one of the most important qualities they found was 'faith in God and spiritual commitment,' ” the Parrotts write.Any good habit – whether it's running, eating well or feeding your soul through devotions – needs to start somewhere. “We never needed scientists to tell us that spiritual meaning was important to our marriage. Marriage is not a superficial bonding, a mere machine that needs routine maintenance to keep it functioning.As Christians, we know the value of daily devotions.

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When asked if she and her husband do devotions together, Heather* said no, but quickly followed it with the two words we all say: “We should.” “My parents do,” she added.But by a happy accident, my husband has this uncanny ability to bring forth laughter in me to the point of tears.It’s saved us, and me specifically, in the weeds of uncountable arguments, innumerable gray days.Marriage for us is founded upon a mutual exchange of holy pledges.

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It is ultimately a deep, mysterious, and unfathomable spiritual endeavour.” Jim and Jean Daly, in their book , add to this by explaining that marriage was created by God and therefore we need Him to be in the centre of it: “We're called not only to preserve the God-ordained institution of marriage and highlight its benefits and His reasons for it; we're to model it well, too." And doing devotions as a couple is a key way to nourish your marriage.Marriage is a beautiful, God-designed relationship that is used to reflect God's glory to the world, which is why it's so often under attack.

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