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Nor does the prosecution have to prove that the adult intended a particular sexual act.It is no defence if it is in fact impossible for the child to engage in the sexual act intended.The investigations involved police officers posing as girls aged between 13 and 16 accessing the internet in order to uncover adults who were seeking to procure children online for sexual activity.The results of this study show the aggressive and rapid way that children are targeted by adults for sexual purposes.A police officer, posing as a 14-year-old girl, was asked by S to meet with him in Brisbane so that he could photograph her nude and have sex with her.In conversations between S and the undercover police officer, S claimed to have photographed underage girls in the nude and to have some 66,000 images.To 'procure' includes knowingly enticing or recruiting for the purposes of sexual exploitation.

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The definition of sexual intercourse is specifically not limited to acts involving physical contact.

A range of possible offences may be used where an adult engages in sexual activity with a child, depending on the nature of the sexual activity.