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26-Oct-2019 21:21

This is almost certainly true with most Nigerian men as they don’t like to joke with food, especially the traditional dishes like fufu, amala, pounded yam, and egusi soup.

So, if you are dating a Nigerian man – whether Igbo or Yoruba – you need to be a good cook or at least learn how to cook if you don’t know.

If you are a pro-feminist you might find it difficult dating an average Nigerian man.

This is because of the fact that Nigerian culture – regardless of the tribe – accords so much respect for the male gender.

You can start up a friendship or a relationship with a Nigerian without any hassles. This is like an extension to the point of having respect for his family.

A Nigerian man has been raised by his mother to believe that he is in charge of everything and probably everyone, except his own mother.

Although there are bound to be detractors, most Nigerian men tend to keep to their word. To say that Nigerians are friendly is, to say the least, they are amiable.

This is because while you may think he has an interest in you, you will be surprised when he walks out on you. No matter how far away from home an Igbo or Yoruba man is, he always has it at the back of his mind that he is not at home.

That is why you see most men who have settled in the Diaspora coming back to Nigeria when they want to get married.

The Nigerian man is always seen as the head of the family, his opinion supersedes that of his wife.

So, you need to have the same respect for your man if you want your relationship to go anywhere.There are many adjectives which can be used to describe the average Nigerian man; words like comical, hardworking, strong-willed, often annoying, domineering, serious, and blandishing are some of such words.

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