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23-Dec-2019 04:35

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” So long story short, I’ve already died from happy and resurrected myself enough to talk coherently about this magical dream dating reality between two of my favorite actors.

Geun Young is 26, two years older than Bummie who is 24, so he really is a noona killer though it’s not that big of a difference.

With their shiny Korean celebrity lives far behind them, the two look like any other ordinary couple on their first big romantic getaway, even dressing in matching couple outfits.

All KPop, which first reported the pregnancy yesterday, quoted Moon Geun young’s Namoo Actor Agency representative as saying that the 27-year-old actress is more than two months pregnant.

the bts of the drama that been released by mbc, means a lot for the shipper.

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the two love birds now are having vacation to europe after the drama has ended..

finally this two birds can't hold their feeling anymore.sparkling between them when they were on the set of Goddess of Fire was too obvious...(me..shipper of them) .

it was kim bum that obviously show his interest to moonie...n moonie with her shyness seems to interest to him also...thats what the old says "eyes would never lie" has obviously drawn on their eyes when they were filming the drama.

Then I heard that Moon Geun Young went to Europe with some friends, and Bummie dropped off the radar, and then I REALLY KNEW.

So I spent last week traveling for work and texting random non-drama friends to spazz about this so as to not jump the gun with drama friends, only to get back angry replies like “stop texting me, it’s 2 am here and I don’t care!

Have some MVs and Tae Do-Jung Yi scenes from Go F just to experience the Geun Bum chemistry if you missed it the first time around.