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” And he thought it would be great to point to, for example, the Science Center and say, “Go across to the science museum and look at real science, go to the Natural History Museum and look at dinosaurs,” to show where ideas come from.We also wanted to be here because we’d have so many schools around us, and we saw that we’d have a captive audience, not to mention the tourists that we think will come.

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What also separates us is: Our art is not in most museums, or if it’s there, it’s not exhibited.After Chicago was over, I said to George one day, “Should we just be done? F.: A first look at competing plans Editorial: George Lucas should pick L. ” I was really heartbroken over Chicago and said, “Maybe we should stop.” And he was emphatic: ‘This is something I want to do, I’m going to do it, this museum is going to be built, this is a dream, it is going to happen.” And I was like, “OK, we’re building a museum! Because he never, in his wildest dreams, imagined the museum would be in the Midwest.

I thought Chicago was ripe for the opportunity and that we had good relationships.Building a museum, we’re going to spend a lot of money, and I want to make sure lots of communities can benefit from that spend. I think the art community here means we’re in good company. From two football teams to maybe the Olympics to a soccer stadium, what you’ve done with public transportation — it feels like the city is seeing around corners.