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An estimated 74 to 120 people were killed and 200 were injured.

The damage cost the city .5 million The NAACP challenged the ordinance in two cases. William Warley, the president of the local chapter of the NAACP, tendered a purchase offer on a white block from Charles Buchanan, a white real estate agent.

The city's total consolidated population as of the 2018 census estimate was 770,557.

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Because of tax laws, businesses found it cheaper to build new rather than renovate older buildings.

Louisville was a center for factory war production during World War II. The factory produced the C-46 Commando cargo plane, among other aircraft.

In 1946, the factory was sold to International Harvester, which began large-scale production of tractors and agricultural equipment.

Ten thousand spectators watched the first Derby, which Aristides won.

On March 27, 1890, the city was devastated and its downtown nearly destroyed when an F4 tornado tore through as part of the middle Mississippi Valley tornado outbreak.

From top: Louisville downtown skyline at night, Cathedral of the Assumption, Thunder Over Louisville fireworks during the Kentucky Derby Festival, Kentucky Derby, Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory, Fourth Street Live!