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There are a lot of skaters in Canada, here a few Womens: Joannie Rochette and Cynthia Phaneuf Mens: Patrick Chan and Joey Russel Pairs: Jessica Dube and Bryce Davidson, and Anabelle Langois and Cody Hay Dance: TESSA VIRTUE AND SCOTT MOIR Anabelle Morales has written: 'Survival of potentially pathogenic human-associated bacteria in the rhizosphere of hydroponically grown wheat' -- subject(s): Staphylococcus, Closed ecological systems, Wheat, Microorganisms, Life support systems, Survival, Bacteria, Pseudomonas, Escherichia, Hydroponics In the Olympics, 0.

Canadian figure skater Anabelle Langlois has competed in two Olympics, the 2002 Games in Salt Lake City and the 2010 Games in Vancouver, in pairs.

In 2002, she and her partner Patrice Archetto finished 12th and in 2010, she and her partner Cody Hay finished 9th. Played Cindy Schmid in "Something That Sticks" in 2006.

Anabelle Lachatte has: Played Daniela Watzler in "Im Namen des Gesetzes" in 1994. Played Nuttige Mandantin in "Sternzeichen" in 2003.

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