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People perceive me to be all about balls."But when you sit across the table from Crow, it's clear she's far from a hard case.

She's gets all squishy when talking about family and friends, and supersentimental on the subject of music. I have bittersweetness about every relationship I've had. At least I think I am."Crow won't say who, if anyone, she's dating at the moment.

There's a sappy collaboration with Henley about a secret affair and a Nicks duet with broken wings and ebbing tides.

Sounds like stuff you'd write on an algebra notebook.

She was also in a relationship with Ryan Seacrest and Hank Azaria in 2006.

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As a replacement, Rock had country singer Allison Moorer record Crow’s parts to the song, and she was the featured artist on the official version of “Picture.” Still, many radio stations chose to play Crow’s version of the song, and so audiences got used to hearing Rock perform “Picture” with different duet partners.Sheryl Crow is one of the popular American musician, singer, songwriter, and actress.She has recorded her eight studio albums and has given voice to several film soundtracks. Crow has collected nine Grammy Awards (out of 32 nominations) from the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences.Sheryl Crow doesn't seem to mind talking about her recent meltdown, or even joking that she wasn't far behind Mariah Carey when she snapped during the making of her new album, "C'mon, C'mon." The reasons, she says between bites of toast at a cafe in Manhattan, were numerous: a relationship gone bust, the worry of fitting her organic rock into an increasingly commodified pop scene, the fear of turning 40 in a business where the Backstreet Boys are considered, like, totally old."This record just beat me up so badly," says Crow, who hardly looks worse for the wear.

She appears rested, even happy, kicking back in a gauzy embroidered shirt that should smell of patchouli but doesn't, and faded bell-bottoms with leather laces crisscrossing up the side seams.

Three previous studio albums were built on personal conflicts and emotional upheaval, though no one predicted such a legacy when she arrived on the scene in 1993 singing, "All I wanna do is have some fun." But Crow would outlast more seemingly relevant peers like Courtney Love and Nine Inch Nails by luring in casual listeners with traditional, FM-style pop rock, and snagging devotees of serious songwriting with poignant, self-effacing and occasionally devastating lyrics.