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The US Department of Justice has claimed that his narcotics charge is the most serious of his three offences and in America there is a minimum sentence of 10 years handed down to those found guilty of illegally selling narcotics.What’s the legal precedent for involvement with Silk Road?Then they pass it back to the person who asked them to get it in the first place until it reaches its owner. Its purported founder, Ross Ulbricht, better known by his alias of the Dread Pirate Roberts, said on the website’s message boards that the marketplace isn’t just about “sticking it to the man”, he claimed that Silk Road was primarily a group of people “standing up for our rights as human beings”.

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Attitudes towards sexual orientation and gender identity vary from country-to-country, both legally and socially, and it is important that you familiarise yourself in advance.

Tor is essentially the incognito setting on a web browser on steroids.

It’s software that anyone can download for free and allows users to access the Dark Web.

Search engines can only account for a certain portion of the internet, about 10% actually.

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The rest of the internet is call the Deep Web and it consists of stuff that people don’t want to feature on search engines like the webpages for bank accounts, content that companies want to appear behind paywalls and secretive chat rooms, like the one recently launched by the hacktivist group Anonymous. It’s where marketplaces for illegal goods, like the Silk Road, call home. Some people use it to simply stop adverts following them around the internet, whistle-blowers use it to share information and expose high level corruption and some journalists use it to contact their sources in a highly secure and untraceable manner. You can’t just Google the Dark Web, you need to use services like Tor.Authorities had originally claimed Ulbricht tried to hire a hitman.