Incremental updating

07-Oct-2019 17:27

Incremental costs (or marginal costs) help determine the profit maximization point for an organization.

This point occurs when marginal costs equal marginal revenues.

The main key is to create a field that we can use as the field that identifies the new rows.

We can’t create a new table, but there’s nothing that prevents us from using a custom SQL statement to create a new field in the SELECT.

Also, incremental refresh is only good for adding rows, so it won’t catch anything that was deleted or changed at the source.

But for the purposes of creating a periodic snapshot data structure, it’s okay if rows change or are deleted, because we’re going to capture all available data every period — so we get a snapshot of it’s current state now and then a snapshot of the current state the next period and then the next and so on. If records change, are deleted, or we have new ones — no problem we’ll just get what’s available each time.

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Point Tableau at your fact/dimension tables, and analyzing and visualizing the data is a piece of cake!Incremental cost also referred to as marginal cost, is the total change a company experiences within its balance sheet or income statement due to the production and sale of an additional unit of product.