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The Debtors and the Liquidating Trustee, pursuant to the Plan and the Confirmation Order and in accordance with the applicable provisions of chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Code, hereby constitute and create the Liquidating Trust, which shall bear the name “WMI Liquidating Trust.” In connection with the exercise of the Liquidating Trustee’s power hereunder, the Liquidating Trustee may use this name or such variation thereof as the Liquidating Trustee sees fit..The sole purpose of the Liquidating Trust is to implement the Plan on behalf, and for the benefit, of the Liquidating Trust Beneficiaries, and to serve as a mechanism for liquidating, converting to Cash and distributing the Liquidating Trust Assets in accordance with Treasury Regulations section 301.7701-4(d), with no objective to continue or engage in the conduct of a trade or business, except to the extent reasonably necessary to, and consistent with, the liquidating purpose of the Liquidating Trust..There's no maximum penalty amount, so read the fine print.Continuing with this same example, say you cash out after two months.

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Of course, no one would invest in traditional CDs if this option were that easy.

Money market accounts pay more than savings accounts, but generally not as much as CDs.

The advantage is that you can do limited spending from a money market account using a debit card or a checkbook.

Cashing in or canceling a CD before it matures can cost you.

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Banks and credit unions typically charge penalties for early CD withdrawals.On the Effective Date, the Debtors shall transfer, for the sole benefit of the Liquidating Trust Beneficiaries, pursuant to Bankruptcy Code sections 1123(a)(5)(B) and 1123(b)(3)(B) and in accordance with the Plan and the Confirmation Order, the Liquidating Trust Assets to the Liquidating Trust, free and clear of any and all liens, claims, encumbrances and interests (legal, beneficial or, that the Liquidating Trust Assets may be transferred subject to certain liabilities, as provided in the Plan, Confirmation Order or as otherwise provided herein.