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The following sections are included in this chapter: library; otherwise, the sample cache configuration deployment descriptor is used.See "Specifying a Cache Configuration File" for alternate methods that are available for specifying a cache configuration deployment descriptor.Cache name patterns alleviate an application from having to know the exact name of a cache. The first mapping uses the wild card ( Cache mappings support the use of initialization parameters to override the properties of the underlying cache scheme definition.Initialization parameters are typically used to facilitate cache scheme definition reuse.It can invalidate partitions with matching names in different sites.

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The following topics are included in this section: element is used to define distributed caches.This allows application code to be written independent of the cache definition.Based on this approach, cache definitions can be modified without making any changes to the application code.The mappings provide a level of separation between applications and the underlying cache definitions.

The separation allows cache implementations to be changed as required without having to change application code. The cache mapping must include the cache name and the scheme name to which the cache name is mapped.In such cases, multiple cache names map to the same cache scheme definition, but each mapping overrides cache properties as required.