How to survive dating a bitch

26-Oct-2019 00:36

The friendship is nothing more than a stepping stone and I’m the prize. I’m a hard shell to crack so when I let people in, I remain loyal.

The Pretend Friend takes advantage of an authentic friendship hoping to push you into a relationship you don’t want.

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The glass splintered, and a chunk hurtled through the air where it embedded in my foot.

You’re happy being friends, but it’s not enough for them.

They don’t respect you, your friendship, or your wishes because advancing their agenda is always the priority.

I barely knew the poor guy, but he hung around like a lost puppy for three days until I politely informed him to get out of my house. The Leech latches on for dear life and can grow controlling using his well rehearsed manipulation tactics.

He doesn’t want you to go out with your girlfriends tonight. I love to interpret blatant signs of immaturity as a sign I can swoop in, play teacher, and “fix” things.Don’t become a tool in their arsenal for them to get what they want.