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20-Oct-2019 10:44

Fluke rejected the apology as dubious and inadequate.

Bush (emphasis in the original): "Limbaugh's verbal abuse of Sandra Fluke set a new kind of low.She then shared the stories of friends affected by such policies, citing a friend with polycystic ovary syndrome. She wants all the sex in the world whenever she wants it, all the time, no consequences. They would have been in my day." He continued that Fluke testified that her "sex life is active.Fluke said this friend needed contraceptive hormones costing over 0 per month in order to treat this disease, and that while PCOS was covered by Georgetown insurance, the insurance company repeatedly denied contraceptives, because they suspected the purpose of the medication was contraception. No responsibility for her behavior." On March 2, 2012, Limbaugh defended his previous comments about Fluke, saying, "not one person says that, 'Well, did you ever think about maybe backing off the amount of sex that you have? She's having sex so frequently that she can't afford all the birth-control pills that she needs.WHEREAS, infertility is a disease of the reproductive system that impairs one of the body's most basic functions: the conception of children; and WHEREAS, in the United States, infertility affects about 7.3 million women and their partners, approximately 12 percent of the reproductive age population, or one in eight couples; and WHEREAS, most infertility cases 85 to 90 percent are treated with conventional medical therapies such as medication or surgery; and WHEREAS, since 1978, assisted reproductive technology, and most commonly in vitro fertilization, has provided another solution for many would-be parents; and WHEREAS, while vital for some patients, in vitro fertilization and similar treatments account for less than 3 percent of infertility services, and about .07 percent of health care costs in the United States; and WHEREAS, since 1987, Hawaii has required insurance coverage for the treatment of infertility through in vitro fertilization under certain qualifying conditions; and WHEREAS, existing law has a number of shortcomings, as it covers only one form of assisted reproductive technologies, in vitro fertilization; provides a one-time only benefit; applies only to an insured's covered spouse; requires fertilization with sperm from the patient's spouse; requires a history of infertility of at least five years; and applies only to a limited number of medical conditions associated with infertility; and WHEREAS, for those couples who do not meet these requirements whether for medical or other reasons the assisted reproductive technologies not covered under existing law may cost ,000 to ,000 per procedure, and must often be repeated before a successful live birth; and WHEREAS, in the nearly twenty-five years since the enactment of the Hawaii law requiring coverage of in vitro fertilization, there have been substantial changes and improvements in assisted reproductive technologies, which could provide couples in Hawaii with additional treatment options appropriate for their specific infertility diagnosis; and WHEREAS, section 23-51, Hawaii Revised Statutes, requires that "[b]efore any legislative measure that mandates health insurance coverage for specific health services, specific diseases, or certain providers of health care services as part of individual or group health insurance policies, can be considered, there shall be concurrent resolutions passed requesting the auditor to prepare and submit to the legislature a report that assesses both the social and financial effects of the proposed mandated coverage"; and WHEREAS, section 23-51, Hawaii Revised Statutes, further provides that "[t]he concurrent resolutions shall designate a specific legislative bill that: (1) Has been introduced in the legislature; and (2) Includes, at minimum, information identifying the: (A) Specific health service, disease, or provider that would be covered; (B) Extent of the coverage; (C) Target groups that would be covered; (D) Limits on utilization, if any; and (E) Standards of care. 768, Regular Session of 2015, or any form thereof, provides for vitro fertilization insurance coverage; and WHEREAS, it's important to have equality for women who are diagnosed with infertility by requiring non-discriminatory coverage and ensuring quality of care in the diagnosis and treatment of infertility; and WHEREAS, the Legislature believes that infertility procedure coverage will provide the people of Hawaii with non-discriminatory treatment options for assisted reproductive technologies that are appropriate for the specific infertility diagnosis of a patient and that will assist in ensuring adequate and affordable diagnosis and treatment for infertility for the people of this State; now, therefore, BE IT RESOLVED by the Senate of the Twenty-eighth Legislature of the State of Hawaii, Regular Session of 2015, the House of Representatives concurring, that the Auditor is requested to conduct an impact assessment, pursuant to sections 23-51 and 23-52, Hawaii Revised Statutes, of the social and financial impacts of mandating infertility procedure coverage for all individual and group accident and health or sickness insurance policies that provide pregnancy-related benefits, effective July 1, 2015, as provided in S.

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For purposes of this part, mandated health insurance coverage shall not include mandated optionals"; and WHEREAS, section 23-52, Hawaii Revised Statutes, further specifies the minimum information required for assessing the social and financial impact of the proposed health coverage mandate in the Auditor's report; and WHEREAS, S.

The next week, the House Democratic Steering and Policy Committee convened a meeting to invite Fluke to speak. On March 1, 2012, Limbaugh offered what he said was a "compromise" to contraception coverage: purchasing "all the women at Georgetown University as much aspirin to put between their knees as possible". Fluke and the rest of you feminazis, here's the deal.

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