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05-Jul-2020 06:00

She was awarded the Newcomer Award at the Japan Academy Awards for her role as a student boarder in Always: Sunset On Third Street.She also won a Best Supporting Actress award for her role in Kurosagi.The couple became close in May 2015 when playing the role of lovers in the theatrical production Arashi ga Oka (Wuthering Heights) and had commenced dating in June.On March 2, 2017, She officially announced her retirement from the entertainment industry to look after her family as a mother at home.This was revealed when she appeared in an episode of KAT-TUN's now-defunct variety show Cartoon KAT-TUN where she mentioned that she liked imitating her mother when she was younger.Apart from modeling for photobooks, Horikita has appeared in magazines and television advertisements.Actress Horikita Maki(26)’s lightning marriage to Yamamoto Koji(38) is still receiving much attention in the media.

She debuted in 2003 and has starred in numerous Japanese television dramas, television and magazine advertisements, and movies.He continued to send her letters everyday, with the number amounting to about 40. She had been in a relationship with another guy up till Spring this year, but they did not reach a consensus to get married so they broke up.Her shocking announcement this time seems to have stemmed from her hopes for a family.” This year, the 2 were confirmed to star alongside each other as lovers in stage play “Wuthering Heights”. Yamamoto then handed a ring packed with his feelings to Horikita, and proposed.

Having been rejected for 6 years straight, Yamamoto had considered whether he was good enough for Horikita but was never discouraged. “At least let me give you my number” he thought and passed her his contacts. “Instead of dating, lets get married.” Source In another article today, it is said that Horikita has always wanted to get married and have her own kids.The actor and actress had become a couple while playing lovers in the stage production of Arashi Ga Oka (Wuthering Heights) in May of that year and officially begun dating in June. She announced her pregnancy in the middle of 2016 and gave birth to their child in December, 2016.

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