Hibernate update not updating

09-Nov-2019 00:27

If you really, really want the behavior that null=not changed you can maybe create an Interceptor and implement this in the find Dirty() method.You need to complement this with dynamic-update="true" so that only the non-null properties are sent to the database.Hibernate will automatically changes and save them to the database.No need to call save Or Update() or any other method.update your save Orupdate method like thispublic T save Or Update(T entity) and keep the dynamic-update=true, and you won't need that select-before-update on your mapping. But I think if you have to enable optimistic locking, this won't work.For example, I don't know what will happen with cascades to associations or collections.The key to this is that the call to session.lock() associates the entity with the session and also sets the initial state.

Please guide me if I am doing something wrong here. I can see update statement in the SQL logs but Its not updating my database.if it is not the defualt value then leave it as it is, why r u setting it to defualt Value.