Healthy dating relationships powerpoints

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By: Marline Pearson, MA Length: 13 lessons (plus bonus lesson on social media and technology) Ages: 15-24 Love Notes 3.0 is a completely revised version of Loves Notes 2.1, an adaptation of the evidence-based Relationship Smarts PLUS 3.0.Unplanned pregnancy, single parenting, and troubled relationships are a serious threat to the well-being and futures of many young adults, as well as to their children.Love Notes 3.0 was created for this vulnerable, high-risk audience.In 13 lessons, participants discover, often for the first time, how to make wise choices about partners, sex, relationships, pregnancy, and more.Different people define relationships in different ways.But in order for a relationship to be healthy, it needs a few key ingredients!You always have the right to refuse attention or affection.If one of you does not get your way, a threat is made to hurt either the other person or yourself.

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Your partner does not let you succeed in school, or you are made to feel guilty about doing things that interest you.Remember, healthy boundaries shouldn’t restrict your ability to: Even healthy relationships can use a boost now and then.You may need a boost if you feel disconnected from your partner or like the relationship has gotten stale.Read the Issue Brief and check out the Office of Adolescent Health’s report.

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Columbia University has also completed an Evaluation Report of Building Brighter Futures (February 2014).

People don’t always have to agree on movies, music, or favorite sports, or even on how often to call or see each other. Feelings of fear, stress, and sadness are not part of a healthy relationship.